Youth’s Antidot

I was listening to a Lecture by a Scholar and I found an amazing Hadith of the Prophet (SAW), which I think is an antidote for the youth of this generation, who is suffering from many problems.

This hadith is a combination of the five pieces of advice of the Prophet(SAW). Hazrat Abu-Dharr once asked the Prophet(SAW): Ya Rasool Allah (SAW) Advise Me something. (What a Lucky man He is, that Prophet is in front of Him and He is asking for the Advise of the Prophet (SAW)

Prophet (SAW) said:

I advise you to be mindful of Allah, for it will beautify all of your affairs.

What are we facing in our lives in this era? Our affairs are shattered completely. We have a lot of things to do, but can’t manage time to do them. There is no Barakah in time. The whole day Passed, but No productivity. Be fear of Allah, and be mindful of Allah when you’re alone even. There is a Chinese proverb:

Reputation is what you are in front of people, and character is when you are alone and what you think about yourself.

Allah knows everything. Allah says in Qur’an:

Be Mindful of Allah in each and every matter of your routine. Do not minus Allah from the equation of your life. If you will do that Allah will hold all of your Matters, and that’s really what we desperately need in this life. And This is antidot in such a sense that if we will remember Allah every time, then it will save us from many fitnah’s and sins.

He said: Ya Rasool Allah more.

Prophet SAW said:

You must recite the Quran and remember Allah Almighty and you will be mentioned in heaven and you will have light upon the earth.

For spending the best life in this world, there should be a purpose and vision. Unfortunately, We have no purpose and have very myopic visions for our lives. Guidance is only in the Qur’an, which broadens the way of thinking and fills your heart with lightness. It is not only in this world but also in Akhira when Quran will come for reference for you for entering into Jannah.

He said: Ya Rasool Allah, Tell Me More:

Prophet (SAW) said:

You must observe the long periods of Silence, and it will drive away satan and help you in matters of your religion.

Brothers and Sisters believe me I experienced this. This is the point for which I wrote this article. This is an antidote for us. Literally, it is, I can not describe it in words, only you can experience it. Silence is something that forces you to do a self-analysis. And that is the thing where the process of grooming took place. Your questioning of things only starts when you start practicing silence. What we are doing now? Speaking all the time uselessly. Lame Jokes are just for pleasing people and becoming cool. Just think for a while, why are we doing this? Why we are living these fake personalities? Believe me, the Wiset one is the silent one. You should have quality while speaking. According to Hadith, sometimes the thing that we say just for making people laugh around us can lead us to Jahanam because of its sensitivity. Do we really care what we are saying while roasting, and making fun with our friends? Prophet (SAW) also said:

Speak well or remain silent.

He said Ya Rasool Allah, Tell me More

Beware of too much laughter. For it will deaden the heart and take away the light on your face.

Again the best advice for us. Why are we becoming insensitive? Why does not this Qur’an & Deen attract us? why not we can cry in Namaz? Why tears do not come to our eyes while asking and praying to Allah?

Just only one reason, Our hearts become dead. The roasting and Meme culture is destroying us slowly. And I’m not against memes, good memes can be used for entertainment. But every time? Just joking, laughing, and having fun. We’re dead inside. If you want to appear as an intellectual person then avoid over-joking and practice periods of silence.

He said: Ya Rasool Allah(SAW) more:

Prophet Said:

Speak the truth even if it is bitter. Mean even if you are at a Loss.

He said: More:

Prophet (SAW) Said:

Do not fear the blame of any critic in matters of Allah.

This is the antidote for my brothers and sisters who want to practice Islam but always think about what this society and friends will say about them. I know that those who practice Islam, people think of them as orthodox and noobs and of backward thinking. They try to mock morals and Religion. Always Remember this Advice. Be proud while practicing deen. Show the people that by practicing Deen, you can stay competitive too in this world. Don’t feel any shame while practicing your deen or telling someone about deen. Don’t feel shy while having a beard or wearing a Hijab/Niqab. Follow Islam and Sunnah, not society. Set your affairs with Allah, Rest He will handle automatically because Izzah is only in His Hands.

Reference: This is in Shuab-ul-iman(4582) declared Sahih by Imam Albani.

What we have to take from this hadith is mainly that Allah is such a entity that is our need. If we will put him in our equation of Life, our affairs will be settled automatically. And keeping Allah in our consciousness, our life will improve a lot in all aspects. And also we have to take care of our tongue. We have to avoid Over-joking and Lame laughing all the time. Have dignity and Quality while speaking and having fun. And do not ever feel shame while practicing Deen.

Remember me in your prayers.

Jazak Allah



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