The Paper is Leaked

Talha Tariq
3 min readSep 25, 2022


This story is based on my experience during the 5th and 6th semesters at my university. It creates a deep impact on my life and shakes my soul as well. So, I think why not share this observation with you?

In my 5th semester, there was a subject named Computer Networks. Near to finals, the professor told us that this particular question will come in our exam and prepare for that well in advance. He just told us the nature of the question, not the actual statement or answer of that. Anyways, long story short, I did not prepare that well and I performed well in the rest of the paper but can’t attempt that particular question of 25 Marks. These 25 marks are deducted from the total. I felt a lot of guilt and ashamed for not doing that told task to us in advance.

Then in the same way, in the 6th semester, a professor of our SRE subject leaked almost the whole paper. He told us exact question statements as well as the answers. This time I make sure to not do the mistake of the previous semester. I prepared well and got all questions correct on the exam. I was very happy that I did not repeat the mistake twice.

After that, One day, I was thinking randomly, and a thought came into my mind. What about our exam on the day of judgment? Did not Allah tell us all the questions of the exams on that day? Did not Allah tell us the answers of these questions also? Did not Allah tell us the perfect way to solve that questions also?

What if we failed that exam? An exam in which we know everything in advance. What if we did not perform well in that? A lot of shame? A lot of guilt. I am just linking with this imagination to those 2 leaked papers and it shakes my soul that If Allah asked I told you everything, still you did not manage to pass? Any answer? Any justification? And the worst thing is that we have only one chance to give that exam.

So, we have to prepare well.

Our curriculum is the Quran, in which all the questions and answers of our exam are revealed. Our instructor is the Holy Prophet (SAW), who told us to prepare for exams in a perfect way.


We are so busy preparing for academic exams that we wake up whole nights and days, we are not aware of the fact that we have not eaten anything or we have not socialized for days. Rather we are busy preparing for our academic exams because we want to succeed in our exams. But have you ever thought of preparing like this for the Final Day’s exam? Waking at night to be answerable to our Lord. Reciting Quran at nights and the days to be succeeded in the Final Exam. Preparing for the Final test in such a way that we are not afraid of death.

Some Revealed Questions

Everybody of us knows the first question is about the salah(Prayer). Let’s be honest and ask ourselves should we prepare that well?

The other major questions(mentioned in Hadith) are these, without answering them we can’t move a single inch.

  1. How I lived my life?
  2. How I utilized my youth?
  3. What means did I earn the wealth?
  4. How did I spend my wealth?
  5. What did I do with my knowledge?

Just try to answer only the first two questions to yourself. If there is something wrong, it means we’re not prepared to even for passage marks in the final exam. It’s an alarming situation. Make Dua to Allah for good preparation for this exam and start doing your best efforts.


This article is based on my own thoughts. You have the right to argue about that.

Jazak Allah for reading. Need Prayers.



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