5 Acts of Kindness

This article is based on one of the tasks given by the Amal Fellowship course. They advised us to do a 5 random kindness act within 24 hours, and then share our experience and feelings by writing a medium blog.

Indeed Kindness is an attribute, which each believer should have to be. Our religion strongly encourages us to act kindly. I did these 5 acts and felt inner peace and happiness.

Anyways, these are my 5 chosen acts within 24 hours.

  1. Email to an old teacher who made a difference in my life.

I learned a lot from one of my teacher named as Prof. Zubair Nawaz, who taught us two courses in my SE Degree. He’s a man from which I learned that we constantly need to upgrade ourselves and as a result, I’m on the way to grooming and learning new things on daily bases.

Here is the Email which I sent out:

2. Taught my Sister Good things

I have a sister (Maryam), who is 6 years old. I taught him what is the difference between a good and a bad child and how to be a good child. I taught him some core values to follow and the principles of kindness. Here is my little Sister. Ignore his condition xD

3. Empowers a Junior

I empowered my junior who’s doing great at his age. I believe from my own experience that words of appreciation empower a lot to someone. When my seniors appreciate me whenever I’m in a phase of suffering, I got motivated again and now I continue their legacy by doing the same with my juniors. Here it is.

4. Called a friend.

I’ve my best friend in FSC, which I have not to talk from a while because of his and my own busy and hectic routine. I just had a chat with him and discussed many things. Indeed A Sensational feeling.

5. Gave chocolates to children
I pick some chocolate from a shop and went to a playground where I found some children with a poor lifestyle. Gave them chocolates, had a conversation and played with them. And it’s a lot of fun with them. Here are some glimpses of their smiling faces.

Spread kindness around yourself and change the world. You’re meant to shine and create an impact on others' life. Thank you for having a read. I hope you will do this challenge too.



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